Scholarship Opportunity


2013 Scholarships

The 2013 Pioneer Society Scholarships were given to Morgan West, Oshoto, WY and Brooklyn Weigel, Newcastle, WY


The 2013 Wong Scholarship winners were Seth Kuchenbecker, Genae Messner, Derek J Morrison and Sarah Shoop from Lead-Deadwood High School.

Scholarship Opportunities

Please identify the College/University/Technical School you will attend. If uncertain, list the two or three institutions you are most likely to attend. If you have already been accepted, then indicate name of institution and date accepted. Also, please give the year and semester you will begin attending.

Criteria for qualification:

  1. An original essay not less than 500 words or more than 1000 related to a local historical personality, group of people, a profile of an original ancestor or some significant historical event or development which has been an aspect of Black Hills history. The essay must be footnoted or direct quotes and contain a bibliography of sources.
  2. Two (2) references from teachers who know you and are familiar with your character and extra-curricular activities in school and community.
  3. An official transcript of all high school course work certified from your Guidance office.
  4. Scholarship application.
  5. All of the above and any personal statement the applicant wishes to include is to be in the hands of the Scholarship Chairman of the Society of Black Hills Pioneers by April 16, 2014.

Return information to:

Society of Black Hills Pioneers
Sandi Jolley
2602 Tomahawk Dr
Rapid City, SDÂ 57702