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In Mark Doty's book, Heaven's Coast, he writes: "Remembering is the work of the living, and the collective project of memory is enormous. It involves the weight of all our dead, the ones we have known ourselves and the ones we know only from stories. It is necessary to recall not just names, but also faces, anecdotes, incidents, gestures, tics, nuances, those particular human attributes that distinguish us as individuals. A name after all, stripped of content, is only a name."

The stories and past Black Hills pioneer generations are beautiful family histories, written keepsakes for generations.

It is with these thoughts in mind that the Society of Black Hills Pioneers wishes to continue preserving the history of its members and their families and to perpetuate the privilege of membership in the organization; thus fulfilling the Society's goal of collecting and preserving information connected with early settlement and subsequent history of the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Society also wishes to perpetuate the memories of the region's founding fathers.

Volume I, $3.00; James Anderson and Henry Frawley families, John Behrens, Miles Cooper and Richard B. Hughes.

Volume 2, $5.00; Nathan Colman, James Walker Tullock, Captain Oliver Dotson, John Henry Schnitzel, V.P. Shoun, Henry Cordes, Forde Brothers, William "Bill" Nicholas, James I. Newland, Fee Lee Wong (Wing Issue).

Volume 3, $5.00; Alexander Ballantyne, Joseph Tite Bliss, Frank S. Bryabnt, Henry C.l Cordes, James Madison Eaton, Joseph Wiswell Elliot, Heffron and Manning families, Thompson family, Whitman and Marrs families, Henry Saxton Wright.

Volume 4, $5.00; Arpan Brothers, Marcus Marrit Baird, Haas family, Whitewood History - Haas Hometown, Kaiser Rosenkranz families, Lewis family.

Volume 5, $6.00; Oliver Dotson family, Mark, James Gordon family, Jess Pouriea, William Patrick Quigley, Daniel Rooney family, Gustavus Schnasse, Richard Grenfell White.

Volume 6, $6.00; Hugh Pryor Estes, Holden family, Nathaniel Harrison Loup, Samuel Martin and Martin families, John Thomas Spaulding, Whitewood and Whitewood Valley, early days Black Hills Transportation routes and Cigar manufacturing in Rapid City.

Volume 7, $6.00; City Life versus Farm Life by Jennie M. (Pickering) Hass Cosgrove, George Family, Dunn, Jim Family, Firest, Isaac Family by Darleen Young, Hattenbach Family, Noeller Family by Daria Bauman, Calamity Jane by Jeri Noeller

Volume 8, $6.00; Bews Brothers by Jill Mounts Marcelli, Canfield and Truax Families, Haas and Pickering Families, Whitewood Grange #23 (1909-914), William Lewis, Mary Ann McDonald, William Paul (WP) Phillips, 1845-1920, Colonel William J. Thornby

Volume 9, $6.00; James and Mendenhall family, Frank & Barbara Baker, Charles Florman, Robert Horsefield, Jackson Lamb, Harvy Short family, Ralph Short family, Louis Thoen, Dora and Peter Thompson. 

Volume 10, $6.00; Families TBA 


Volume 11, $6.00; Families TBA

Volume 12, $6.00; Families TBA



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Exerpt from Volume V

On February 15, 1901, Captain Oliver Dotson was found sprawled on the floor of his two-room cabin at his mining claim in Washington Gulch, Montana - dead of a single gunshot wound through the head. A suicide note and a rifle lay next to the body...

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